Writer is a euphemism for rambler.

Leila Escandar

Welcome to Something Else

Creativity is dead.
We keep talking and talking and talking.
I question if there are any original ideas left to be thought, articulated---
written or verbalized.
I don't know that I can make a new point that hasn't been made before, but I do know that I can make any short story long in a way that is typically entertaining.
With that being said, welcome to Useless Information.

I've had an idea of what I've wanted my blog to be for quite some time now, but it has just been floating in empty space and cyclical thoughts--pleading to be created, yet continuously denied in its earnest intention.

So here we are. A beginning.


This is (obviously) not a lifestyle blog.
It might be a life blog, although I know that's not really a thing. I don't know, maybe it is--Google it and see what happens. 

Anyway, I often picture the inside of my mind like one of those hoarder's den used book stores. Everything is messily filed--I know where it's catalogued, but there is not systematic way of retrieving any of it. 


Let's leave that as a sufficient introduction.
Stick around to see where it goes from here...
Or not.
Either way works...



14.02.2019 11:31


Leila, your ramblings are lovely and greatly appreciated.