Oct. 31, 2017


Originally Written:
August 24th, 2015

Quantification non numerically-
digits far more comprehensible
when seasons are separated by songs.

Twelve proper nouns; an arbitrary division sign:

There was that April through November:
subzero, discovering how Dante layered the inferno, so divinely.

Proper nouns, it's proper nouns

Seven levels of hell, signified by The First Arrest-
& refusal to the power struggling deputy as she tested the waters of fate,
sadistic pleasure of inflicting Virgina's most striking fear,
for I'd much rather be breaking into
that first apartment
on Nostrand Ave,

Climbing out of a back window-
hopping rooftops,
sunshine climbing fire escapes
to an unlocked window
one building over & four floors up-

Enter the second teir: Sunfire Skyways,
a dead engine, battery--
& 275 had never seen such audacity.
An evening tow, seventy two intervals later,
& a fatal whim decision.

The third layer, Waning Whatevers.
A decision
that May should have had the common courtesy
to talk me out of.

And as we further to four, enter Family Farm Picnics:
Repeat the meaningless details about yourself
every Sunday at sundown
until your white glove accidentally slaps
the family name.

Outlet City five,
or How Shoe Shopping Could Ever Be So Unbearable.

Slumping to the sixes,
we've reached
Sleeping Until The Seven That Is Sunset-
a completely inversed waking schedule
to avoid the dark entity
you decided to move to
precolonial New England with.

& we've reached the fiery furnace,
the fatal finale,
layer seven:
The Exile.
Three luggages,
one feline friend,
& no sensible sense of what might come next.