Oct. 31, 2017

& Suddenly...

Originally Written:
March 23rd, 2015

unwarranted, an assertion-
initially, taken aback.
Bluntness on par,
the humor remains forever here within.

                    time warp

struggling through springing ahead--
hymns chime rhythmically,
properly scoring soundtracks of swapped shame.

clock the words per minute;
Somewhere sunken you're finally found-
suddenly striking upon realizing the vibrancy,
of the murky hydrogen oxygen hidden coral reef gems.

--no, wait.
You're an Aquarius.
The cusp, posed queries-
tarot card tea leaves transfiguration
resonated bullshit until something has to give.

Corrected Friday the 13th,
reaffirming confounded confirmation
that the planescape lunar hung ostentatious in confidence.
Full tooth grin, unsettling-
a consecutive fifth day unholy numeric.

Relief in discovering the willingness to suffer through,
sacrificing morale.
Juxtaposed horcrux,
glints of you mirroring the roots of the giving tree.
Galaxylengthed glances,
milliseconds of comprehension.
           translate transcendently

Months? It has only been months?

another eternity,
tiptoeing trepidation tightrope:
Happy trails with those temperatures.

Eighteen degrees of unification;
scarf, mittens, layers, Sinatra, gloves-
freshly steamed almond milk,
espresso expedition--
quadruple digit distance:
a catalyst for our cohesion.