Nov. 14, 2017

All the Like and Oh the Like of it All

live where you love and love where you live
a bottle cap.

frozen in 
perpetual motion

soundwaves of mystery
compelled by-

chemists fret
their discontinued fleaker
a roller coaster fearing-
the intangible.

the root of all knowledge
know all age
then enter:
the all-mighty text

the texts
the texts 
the texts

faded new york times’ articles
barely readable
a security check survey

decipher it all
the texts

history builds destruction 
again and again
stuck in is
because the inter-subjectivity scares the senseless away.

the underground experience
high rises rising high higher than

the texts
the texts
the texts

the trails are tangible
it is tasting the color loop
feeling turquoise meet magenta
while watching them fall apart

juxtaposed against the black sky–
the dismal disaster, dreary 
a desolate demon

anticipation to escape, 
the habits of a true writer form

the birds, the madness

the eighteen degrees nightfall to sunrise to day to night to day to night to evening to night to morning to daybreak to afternoon to dusk to dawn

three o’ clock
three o’ clock

the amusement of a mathematical mistake
again and again and again
just like operating cruise control

the smoke broke into the black sky
high, so high in the slumming foothills

the engagement
the spacey concentration
a black hole force-field 

stumbling shining silver

the glisten of words-
so majestic


meet me where the three break open

infinity not to the third power 
breaking apart to mend together
the mess in minutes


ten seconds pass and the past minutes mend
the magic spark
the miracle working

mutable hydrate into
the blue ice that is the comfort of moonlight

insomnia awake insomnia
syllables soaring speeding circling
dancing through the walls

missing in action
mindlessly making 


sensible, the tie untied-
the magic
the miracles

the texts

all the like and oh the like of it all