Oct. 17, 2018

Time Forgot: An Homage

under buffalo's hooves, 
        the cement cracked
telegraphs and printing
           presses later,

as a snocone melted onto--
            weathered airwalks,
                                  buy one     get one
dripping blue,
           into the peaty soil,
blooming lilacs, tulips, cherry blossoms
on a somber
              may day
sweetened by carnival king from half a millenial in the future;
marked scrupulously on a Sanborn Map,

               particles from the
Bicentennial--                    congress,
                 a library buried beneath books where
        margaret questioned
                                               it all.

                                    on hold, we hold in
                      the brick wall
that caused his amygdala into perspirary chaos
                                              a simple fuck

chemical raid, fruitful
attacks on an unwelcome swarm of-
sugar ants…

          mid night undefeated
but fire ants are the true signifier of summer--?

Something into Nothing--
until the foundations forget;
they were built to withhold the strength of hurricanes

           on a canceled day--
it was
Some tiles from Morocco, the president's lounge, a grandfather timekeeper
                               Nathaniel Hawthorne's standstill hands--
                    fifteen later,
                          like clockwork
                        it rang, signifying--
                             the standstill nature.
--of time incognito
Architectural phenomenon
        some paperwork

by our own kind
          destroyed by---
spilled chloroform in YA,
                  taken by--
        a treble clef
                  notebooks filled, notebooks filed
                           scribed stella blue,
under franklin's tower
[sometimes referred to as---
shuttle over to the park, forget about it for the day]

"There used to be school house on the corner.”
He flipped on BBC,
             a special about the Iroquois
                          chai tea on an apothecary table,
                                         faux                                wood,
                           sweetened by
                                             carnival king
half a millenial from the future.